My Grandfather’s Cabin


My Grandfather’s Cabin is a collaboration with Håvard Enstad. Part classical music, part story telling, My Grandfather’s Cabin tells the story of love and loss. The narrator takes us on a journey through one year of his life. Told in 12 parts, each month is followed by originally composed classical music with correlates to the emotions expressed.

Our show has been performed to sell out audiences both in Barcelona and Bergen ( Norway), in both English and Catalan. We are currently working on translating the show to French and Spanish. Currently we are performing the show in music halls around Barcelona (in Catalan). For the English version, we have converted our apartment into a bar/theatre, complete with a piano, clarinet, cello and violin.

You can click on the English/Catalan tab for excerpts from the show. Or check out our Facebook page here


Advertisement for our show in Bergen, Norway

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