Smoking A Cigarette


Smoking a Cigarette is a dark comedy monologue. It deals with a woman’s pain and frustration as she is forced to come to terms with her husband’s death and maintain composure during the funeral. Deep and (at times) uncomfortable, the character played by Lorea Uresberueta has left audiences crying and laughing. Lasting 35 minutes, this intense play is part of  our concept of bringing live theatre directly into people’s homes. The effect is an intimate environment where the audience are free to ask questions at the end both about the show and the issues raised.

The following is an excerpt from the show

Denial it’s called. A stage of grief. Curious though. I thought the stages of grief were meant to happen after you lost someone. My denial came when I heard the news. The news that he was ill.

The doctor told us about his cancer. We didn’t panic. Everyone gets cancer I thought. Most make it through. I’m sure he’ll be fine. Obviously not.

The doctor told him not to drink, but we did. I dealt with the shock by drinking my body weight in wine.

“Do you wanna share this bottle darling. I’m so wasted I can’t even taste it anymore.

Whats that?

Oh yeah, the cancer, best to avoid booze isn’t it. Shit yeah, forgot about that”.

Occasionally he would indulge me. Denial was something we shared and I’d never be with a strong-willed man who always did the sensible thing. Too predictable.

But denial stopped suddenly. 


Video extract of one of our rehearsals.

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