Salome – Théâtre Libre


Originally written by Oscar Wilde, in French, in 1891, I cannot, unfortunately, take credit for this one. Under the direction and vision of my good friend, Kaitlin Argeaux, the biblical story of Salome was once again brought to life, with modern gaze and a feminist perspective.

Adapted by me, under Argeaux’s instruction, we aimed to look at Salome from a different lens and suggest that her character is greatly misunderstood. Lead by a stellar cast, the show ran, successfully, for three weeks in London’s “The Space” venue. During those weeks the show has received amazing 4 star reviews from theatre critics who described it as “powerful”, “exciting” and having “moments of brilliance”.

The crew which included Justyna Ziarek as choreographer and Jo Thompson as Stage Manager, are all part of Théâtre Libre, a physical theatre company based in London. Check out their Facebook page for info on their upcoming shows.