B is for Babies and Braindead

The following conversation took place at 6.30 am trying to teach 12 beginner students about jobs. After teaching the vocabulary for 3 days (approx. 9 hours of classes), we did a simple crossword. Totally, my fault for being extremely tired.


Me – Again. Number 4. Midwife…

Student – Ah, OK. Wife.

Me – Midwife… she works in a hospital.

Student – Hospital? Midwife is a house… Clean… Make food.

Me – No, no, housewife at home. Midwife delivers babies…

Student – Ah, OK…. Postman… Delivery…

Me – Eh, no.

Student – Fed Ex….. very good, very very good job. Travel.

Me – Midwife is a woman that works in a hospital with babies…

Student – Babies?

Me – Yes, with babies.

Student – What is babies?

I mime a baby….

Another student roars out – Teacher, hobbit, yes?

Student – Ah, OK. OK.

Me – Understand? Midwife…. deliver babies…

Student – They eat baby. In Oman, no possible. Very bad eat babies…

Me – OK… let’s move on. Number 5 … A person that delivers mail?

Student – Mail?

Me – Mail, letters, like this…

I draw an envelope with a stamp on it.

Student – No. Mail baby? Delivery?

Me – No, no. Different job…. Babies.. Number 4…. Number 5… what is number 5? ….. Anyone? No?.. It’s a postman. P.O.S.T.M.A.N

Student – No.

Me – Number 4 is Midwife. Number 5 is Postman.

Student – Midwife. Postman same…….

Me – OK. One moment, I’m going to find a picture and show you. One moment please….

… lost of speaking in Arabic.

Student – Babies, midwife… Postman… mail…

Me – Yes. Yes. Exactly. Excellent, very good.

Another student – Where woman baby… All baby have midwife…

Me – What ?

  • Another student roars out – Number 6 – Pilot.
  • Another students roars out – Number 7 – Nurse.
  • Another student roars out – Teacher, Number 2… what is…
  • Another student roars out – Pencil teacher…. I no have.

Me – OK. Just a moment. We are still on Number 5. Hilal, why don’t you have a pencil?

Hilal – Give me. I no have.

Me – Can I have a pencil? I don’t have a pencil.

Hilal – Can you pencil. I no have.

Me – No. Again. Can I have a pencil? I don’t have a pencil.

Hilal – I can have pencil…. I don’t have a pencil.

Me – Please?

Hilal – Yes.

Me– Say, please.

Hilal – Please.

Me – OK. Now put it all together. Can I have a pencil, please?

Hilal – Can I have pencil.

Me – Please…..

Hilal – Can I have pencil, please.

Me– Can I have a pencil, please?

Hilal – Yes.

Me – I’m not giving you a pencil unless you say it properly.

Hilal – Can I have a pencil please, teacher. Thank you very much. Good teacher.

Me – Very good, excellent. I don’t have one. You’ll have to share with your partner.


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