A is for Ash

The following conversation took place during an English lesson at 9.00 am on a Wednesday morning, Ash Wednesday morning. Me (the English Teacher) and Wing (the adorable Korean student).

Wing – I don’t understand why everyone has dirt on their face.

Me – It’s not dirt. It’s ash. Today is Ash Wednesday. It’s a Christian holiday for the beginning of Lent.

Wing – Ah, OK. OK.

*4 seconds later*

Wing – What? I don’t understand.

Me – You know Jesus?

Wing – No.

Me – Really. Jesus Christ. The man on the cross.

Wing – Ah. Hhhhhe-Zeus. On the stick. Yes. I know.

Me – Well, he went to the desert (not the dessert… now… the desert) and he didn’t eat and drink for 40 nights.

Wing – OK… (wondering where the hell this is going and regretting saying anything)

Me – So, every year we honor that by not eating chocolate.

Wing – For 40 days?

Me – Yes.

Wing – No chocolate?

Me – Yes. These 40 days are called Lent. It’s like Ramadan for wimps. 

Wing – Wimps? OK.

Me – And the end of the 40 days, we get a big chocolate egg. And the day before Lent we eat loads of pancakes.

Wing – Yes. My host mother make pancakes.

Me – Yes. That’s Pancake Tuesday. Today is Ash Wednesday. So, people have some ash on their heads.

Wing – OK. So, he die. You have ash face and then you no eat chocolate and get a big egg after 40 day. An egg of chocolate? Big egg…

Me – Exactly.

*4 seconds later*

Wing – I like Christians.

Me – Christians are Amazing. Now, let’s open our books on page 30. 


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